Looking for an interdisciplinary program to prepare you for a career in health-related research?
The PhD and Master's in Health Promotion Sciences at the University of Connecticut are innovative programs that train students to conduct research on a wide range of areas of health promotion and disease prevention in both academic and applied settings, including industry, public health, healthcare, and non-profit organizations.

Application Deadline

For preferred consideration, apply by December 15 to begin the following fall semester. Later applications may be considered on a space-available basis. Please contact us if you are interested in spring admission.

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A Doctoral or Master's Program That Works for You—and with You

Our PhD and Master's programs prepare students to lead as interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners who:

  • advance our understanding of the complex factors that influence health behavior
  • apply principles and practices of health promotion and health behavior change in diverse settings
  • develop innovative solutions to address current and emerging health challenges and disparities.

Our students learn from and work closely with graduate faculty, including leading experts in health behavior change interventions; promotion of healthy diet and physical activity across the lifespan; application of cutting-edge genetics and genomics research to healthcare issues; utilizing mobile and other new technologies, social media, and web-based interventions to modify health behaviors; and varied quantitative and qualitative research methods, including statistical modeling, randomized trials, meta-analyses, and epidemiology.

Both programs provide students with the flexibility to design a customized plan of study that is uniquely suited to their interests and career objectives. Graduate Research and/or Teaching Assistantships that provide a stipend, tuition waiver, and health benefits are available on a competitive basis.

Which Direction is Right for You?

PhD in Health Promotion Sciences

The doctoral degree in Health Promotion Sciences is an advanced, applied, research-oriented degree that prepares you for future careers in academic and research settings as well as leadership roles in a variety of professional settings including industry, public health, worksite, and non-governmental organizations. In the doctoral program you will:
  • Encounter a diverse and challenging curriculum aimed at developing skilled research scientists who conduct high-impact research
  • Gain valuable knowledge and skills to think critically about health challenges and develop interventions that address a range of health issues affecting diverse communities
  • Engage in practical research experiences and collaborations at all levels that translate info successful and rewarding careers

Doctoral students work with their major advisor and advisory team to design an individualized plan of study including health promotion core courses, experiential learning, methodology and statistics, research and academic teaching skills development, and elective courses in the area of specialization. Both a doctoral general exam and dissertation are required for degree completion.

MS in Health Promotion Sciences

Graduates of the two-year Master's degree in Health Promotion Sciences are prepared for employment in public health, community-based treatment and healthcare facilities, worksites, and research settings as well as for continuation into a PhD program.

You'll choose between a thesis track and a project/practicum track and work closely. Working with your faculty advisor, you'll develop an individualized plan of study that includes:

  • core courses in health promotion
  • research methods courses
  • elective courses that deepen knowledge in areas of interest (e.g. statistical modeling/evidence analysis, behavioral and environmental change interventions, genetics and diagnostics, etc.) and experiential learning

The major advisor and graduate advisory committee also mentor students in the development of a research agenda that culminates in either a thesis or a project/practicum.

What Are They Saying?

Headshot of Carnisha Gilder

Carnisha Gilder
2021 Graduate PhD in Health Promotion Sciences 

“The Health Promotion Sciences program is an inclusive environment that genuinely cares about the wellbeing of students.”