Health Promotion Sciences, PHD

Typical Timeline for Degree Completion

The following timeline provides a typical sequence of activities for completion of the PhD in Health Promotion Sciences degree in four academic years. You will work with your major advisor and committee members to tailor a plan of study and research agenda that meets your academic and professional goals.

Activity Semester in Program (of 8)
Assigned to major advisor 1
Select additional committee members in consultation with major advisor 1-2
Development and approval of Plan of Study (POS) including outline in consultation with major advisor/committee and filing signed POS with Graduate School 3-4
Completion of oral and written exam; approval and oral defense of dissertation proposal; advancement to candidacy 5-6
Completion of coursework 7
Intensive dissertation research 6-8
Approval of draft dissertation by committee members 8
Final oral defense of dissertation research 8
Graduation 8